Panic or Peace?

With churches in the US and around the world canceling their public services, now more than ever, it is important for families and individuals to privately pray for God’s mercy on our country and the world.

Panic will accomplish nothing except even more panic. Stop and ask for peace and comfort by reaching out to Jesus. Read the Scriptures and you will see time and time again how God was there for people. He will be there for you today just as He was there for His children in the past. It is up to each one of us to sincerely turn to Him for help. Be patient and trust in God’s Will.

Approaching God is not like using a drive-thru window at a short order restaurant where you place your order and drive up to collect your blessings.

Approaching the Father in prayer takes sincerity and being consistent in your petitions – believing that according to His perfect Will His answer will come according to His timing.

Pray and pray again while all the time believing that your answer will come from your loving Father in heaven.

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