Your Holy Place

Ode 3
1 No man can pervert Your holy place, O my God; nor can he change it, and
put it in another place.

2 Because he has no power over it; for Your sanctuary You designed before
You made special places.

3 The ancient one shall not be perverted by those which are inferior to it.

4 You have given Your heart, Maran, to Your believers.

5 Never will You be idle, nor will You be without fruits; For one hour of
Your faith is more excellent than all days and years.

6 For who shall put on Your grace and be rejected?

7 Because Your seal is known; and Your creatures are known to it.

8 And Your hosts possess it, and the elect archangels are clothed with it.

9 You have given to us Your fellowship, not that You were in need of us,
but that we are always in need of You.

10 Shower upon us Your gentle rain, and open Your bountiful springs which
abundantly supply us with milk and honey.

11 For there is no regret with You; that You should regret anything which
You have promised; Since the result was manifest to You.

12 For that which You gave, You gave freely, so that no longer will You
draw back and take them again.

13 For all was manifest to You as God, and was set in order from the
beginning before You. And You, Maran, have made all. Halleluyah.

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