Unerring Faith

“The darkness can never encompass Your garden of light and truth. Our shelter is in Your Name, Il’Ya, and in Your holy commandments.” — Psalms of Mar Mani 9:4,5

When we put our trust in the Father of Greatness and in the Divine Messengers which He has sent, faithfully following the Commandments of the Religion of Light, we can be assured that we will be protected from the dangers of falling into grave sin.

When we, as disciples of the Divine Messenger, have unerring faith and accurate knowledge of the Holy Pillars of the Church, the evil that surrounds us in this dark world, does not affect us as it does those who have no faith.

The third verse of this same Psalms says, “Your shield and Your buckler are our safeguards from all forms of evil.”

(Extracted from a larger work)


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