The Ship Master

The Ship Master will look to see if you have any attachments to the world you are leaving behind. If you still have attachments to anything, you will not be able to board that Ship and will be forced to wait until another time.” — Teaching of Mir Izgadda 5:7

Not abandoning attachments, even in this lifetime, can be very dangerous. No one in their right mind would wish to be left behind by the Ship Master, the Living Spirit.

Mir Izgadda offers us hope, however, in his teaching, as he always does on any given subject. If we abandon our attachments in this world, we can set foot on the Divine Barque that is for the salvation of our very souls.

Let us be in the habit of praying for those who have are struggling with attachments – whether it be our brethren or people whom we know in the world. Help them to understand the fact that attachments lead to suffering, and that the practice of the Twelve Virtues can lead one to perfection in the life to come.


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