The Privilege to Praise

“Praise Yah! Praise Yahweh’s name! Praise him, you servants of Yahweh, you who stand in Yahweh’s house, in the courts of our God’s house. Praise Yah, for Yahweh is good. Sing praises to his name, for that is pleasant. For Yah has chosen Ya’aqub for himself; Israel for his own possession.” – Psalm 135:1-4

What a privilege it is to serve our God – to be chosen by El Shaddai, to actually be referred to as “his own possession.” Truly, could we ask for anything better than this? Is there any greater privilege than being one of God’s own people?

With this in mind, does it not move us to want to do more in His service? Not only is it a privilege to praise and worship the Father, but also to serve Him day and night – to proclaim His unfailing love in the morning and His faithfulness in the evening. (Psalm 92:2)


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