The Other Shore

The ship master is the Living Spirit who comes to ferry you to the Other Shore where there are Gardens of Light and where no darkness – not even a shadow – can be found.” — Teaching of Mir Izgadda 5:6

What a blessing we have to know that our ship master is indeed, the Living Spirit – also known as “Mir Roshkha,” whose name means Lord and Primary (First) Spirit. He is from the very Presence of the Father of Greatness and is a emanation of the Divine Mother’s love for humanity and for all living beings.

How could we ever show enough gratitude to the Father of Greatness, the Mother and the Living Spirit for this blessed and divine knowledge which they have imparted to each one of us? Brethren, it is impossible to repay such a gift. However, we can abide by the teaching of Mir Izgadda as it has been handed down to us. We can be faithful in his teaching concerning the abandonment of attachments, by loving our neighbour as ourselves, by doing good works for others, and by considering our labour in the world as part of our service to God.


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