The Oneness of Humanity

“Do not discriminate between persons of various castes and social statuses within society. Caste systems originate with the evil one and such systems are perpetrated by children of darkness. If you are biased towards those that you think are different than yourself – such as on the basis of skin colour, sexual orientation, gender, nationality, ethnicity, or economic situation – you are far from me and I do not know you. When you remove biased distinctions from yourself, the chains of strife fall away and you become free and closer to perfection and I will be closer to you. You are not in unity with me if you are unable to humble yourself and come to the understanding that all humanity is one. Unity means nothing when you think you are better than everyone else.” — Teaching of Mir Izgadda 2:1-6

Besides teaching the disciples within the Religion of Light that there is only one true God, and that the soul is in need of being liberated from matter, the Divine Messenger teaches us that humanity is one. Throughout the Scriptures of our faith, the Divine Messengers have taught about the unity of all peoples on the earth, regardless of “skin colour, sexual orientation, gender, nationality, ethnicity, or economic situation”.

For some brothers and sisters who came from other religious or ideological backgrounds that discriminated “between persons of various castes and social statuses within society,” it has been a long and difficult road in humbling themselves in order to realise the oneness of humanity; it has also been difficult for some brethren to understand the fact that all are one in the Living Spirit. One sister said, “It was very difficult to release myself from long held beliefs and biases about persons whom I always considered different from myself.” While such feelings might be understandable, considering that we live in perhaps the darkest era of human existence, it is certainly not acceptable. The Divine Messengers have warned us concerning the dangers of holding on to such beliefs.

To remain in unity with our Divine Teacher, his holy Teaching and with the blessed Community, we must cast away all forms of bias towards other peoples, no matter how difficult it may be. As our Scriptures have told us, when we remove such biases, we are able to become closer to the Teacher.


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