The Mercy of God

Turn not aside Your mercies from me, Maran; and take not Your kindness from me. Stretch out to me, my Lord, at all times, Your right hand, and be to me a guide till the end according to Your will.” — Ode 13:3,4

We beg of our God to continue displaying mercy toward us, as His children, who are unable to do anything on our own. We must accept correction from the Father of Greatness, who disciplines us in His love and compassion. For this correction, we are most grateful.

It is our duty as believers in the promises of the Father, and as disciples of Mir Izgadda and Mar Mani Khaila, to teach others about the qualities of a true believer in the Light, and concerning the Virtues. Often this might require us to shed light on a particular sin or act that is not in accord with Divine Knowledge revealed by the Third Messenger. We pray for the individual to accept this information provided to him or her, and wait for them to respond to the Spirit of Truth that convicts the individual of their wrong-doing. We do this without judging the individual. If the individual is repentant, he or she then begins to realise the mercy that has been granted to them by Maran.

Let us always walk in a state of grace, purity and truth, so that the Right Hand of Maran will guide us for eternity.


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