The Destination of the Righteous in Death

“For the righteous, death is but a doorway to the true life beyond birth and death, beyond the chains of the material world; for others, it is a doorway to another opportunity to seek the true life.” — Ajahn Jyoti

Do you fear your destination in death? Contemplating upon one’s own mortality has often led some to depression or elevated frightful emotions. Keeping in mind our passage for today’s devotional, those who have strong faith should have no reason to fear their future demise. It should be obvious to anyone who has lived even only a few years on this earth, that nothing is permanent. We read in the Holy Book of Light that “the only thing that is permanent is the Word of Truth.” (Teaching of the Bright Light of Truth 4:11; see also Gospel of Mar Mani 52:6)

Our life on earth is only temporary. As the Gospel of the Holy Prophet Mar Mani says, we are sojourners on this planet. (See Gospel of Mar Mani 52:1-3) The possessions in this world are not something we should want to hold on to. There is nothing in the physical world that we can take with us in death.

Mar Mani says that death “is but a doorway” beyond rebirth and that for some “it is a doorway to another opportunity to seek the true life.” What prospects for the soul! Opportunities abound in the next life according to the promises found in our Scriptures.

By living according to the Precepts of our Faith without being negligent of our spiritual duties, we are assured of a grand prospect in the future with the Living Spirit. Let us give thanks to God who is above the heavens who has given us such a hope.


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