Teaching the Crowd

At one time, the Divine Messenger Yisho ascended a great hill and many people followed him up the hill. When Yisho arrived at the top there were sitting all around people waiting to hear his teaching. Then Yisho sat down with his disciples. He started teaching the crowd.” — Teaching of Maran Yisho 1:1-3

Can you imagine being among the people who followed the Divine Messenger up the hill to be taught? Can you imagine seeing Maran Yisho sitting down surrounded by disciples? Can you see yourself within that crowd?

For those who love and defend the Religion of Light, it is not too difficult to imagine such a thing. Why? This is because we know the Divine Messenger is present with us right now. What a privilege we have to sit at the feet of the Messenger, even in our day, two thousand years after Yisho Mashikha came to teach the Israelites.

Let’s make sure we never take the opportunity to learn from the Divine Messenger for granted. In fact, let’s make every moment we have to learn from the Master count by remaining in the crowd of the brethren of Light.


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