Take Me in Adoption

Grant, O God, great mercy: please take me in adoption, put me among the soft and gentle Flocks of the Light, and admit me to the hills and woods of the Holy Law, roaming and sauntering always fearless on the fair mountains!… O Tree of the Nature of Life, most high and incomparable King of Wondrous Medicine, the ever-thriving precious Tree whose fruits are always fresh with sweet dew that never fades – whoever eats them will for ever leave the stream of birth and death – while its fragrant perfume spreads around the world; send down the swelling rush of the Great Law to fertilise the ground of my soul and permit the flowers and fruits of my soul to flourish!” — Gospel of Mar Mani 53:10-14

Our fellowship with one another is so important and it helps us to maintain a stronger faith in God’s promises. In fact the soul requests the Saviour to “take me in adoption” and to place it “among the soft and gentle Flocks of the Light.” These “Flocks of the Light” are explained by the World Teacher to indicate the brothers and sisters within the Holy and Ancient Faith that has been revealed to us through the “Holy Law of Light.”

The World Teacher says the fair or beautiful mountains referred to in this verse are in reference to the protection of the soul while we remain in the earth and among our brethren of like faith.

We again see the soul’s recognition of the Saviour and his life-giving medicine, and how the soul appeals for aid and gives praise to the “most high and incomparable King of wondrous Medicine.”


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