Symbiotic Relationship

Loving compassion is deeply ingrained within each of us who take the Religion of Light seriously. This is simply one aspect of living the Pure Teaching every day. When one among our brethren is in pain, we too are in pain. When they are in need spiritually or financially, we want to assist them to the best of our abilities. Because we are all one within the One Created Being, there is a spiritual symbiotic relationship, and this goes beyond the physical but additionally relates to our emotions and thoughts about our spiritual siblings in general.” — Teaching of Mar Mani Khaila 1:7-10

There is a special connection between adherents of the Religion of Light. We are spiritual siblings in every sense of the phrase. No matter where we may live on this planet, and no matter how far the distance from one land to another, our souls are intertwined.

If we are in union with the Living Spirit, we are able to know when our brother or sister is suffering. Mar Mani Khaila says that our feelings are not so much on a physical level (although some brethren do feel the pains of others), but this symbiotic relationship is related more to “our emotions and thoughts”.

When we become aware of the pain or other types of suffering that our brethren are enduring, we feel an obligation to assist them as far as we are able to. Not only do we pray for them individually, but we also strive to provide for them in other ways, whether this is financially, providing a shelter, or so on.

It is this symbiotic relationship that truly makes us real, spiritual siblings.


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