Responsible for Each Other

All the brothers and sisters, whether they are of the Elect or of the Hearers are responsible for each other in many different ways. Maran Izgadda has made this clear in all His teachings given to humanity throughout the centuries. Both the mature among the Elect and the Hearers feel the responsibility to assist their brethren in the various situations they may be dealing with.” — Teaching of Mar Mani Khaila 1:4-6

Each of us have different issues or problems to deal with on a daily basis. It is also a fact that each of us deal with those situations in different manners. And even though there are these differences, individually we have a deep, inner feeling of obligation to assist our beloved brothers and sisters.

When we know that our brethren are suffering from any particular problem, it is our nature to do anything we possibly can to assist them in alleviating their pain.


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