Praying Together

Along with loving compassion and a listening ear, we can not forget the importance of prayer. Pray together about the issue and keep the importance of prayer before the individual you are assisting. Mir Izgadda has told us that when we wish to speak to Him, all we have to do is talk to Him. He will guide us in the situation by providing assistance through His celestial beings. Love your brethren, do not judge them. Always try to put yourself in their situation and provide a loving hand with sincere compassion. Always pray.” — Teaching of Mar Mani Khaila 1:16-20

As adherents of the Religion of Light we can not talk enough about prayer and the benefits it can bring. Not only do we use prayer to praise the Name of the Father of Greatness, but we praise various celestial beings in the heavenly heights and we petition the heavens for our needs and the needs of others. We keep our brethren in our hearts and regularly pray for their needs. If we know the names of individuals suffering, we say those names within our prayers and are genuine concerning our petitions before the Heavenly Bema.

The power of prayer is tremendous, and because of this, not only do we pray alone, but we also pray with others when possible. Even if we live thousands of miles away from an assembly of believers, we are able to join our prayers with those of others at various times of the day by using the liturgical texts provided by the Church within the standard times of prayer. Our prayers are even joined with the saints above.


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