Not on Our Own

“Almighty God has appointed celestial servants unto Himself who assist humanity in various functions…. His Son and His various celestial servants – the Five Bright Sons – and the Elect Intercessors take the prayers and petitions of the Children of Light to the Highest Throne above the heavens and present such prayers and petitions to Abba d’Rabbuta.” — Teaching of Mir Izgadda 1:5, 10

How blessed we are to know that God has not abandoned humanity to the darkness that is present in the world today. If it was not for the fact that God provides help to us by way of His Son and other servants in heaven an on earth, we would be utterly helpless. If we did not have God’s help, we would drown in the world of chaos and confusion.

Knowing of God’s love for each and every soul living upon earth, it should fill us with tears of joy and songs of gratitude should come forth from our very mouth to give Him praise. We are not on our own in this world, but we have God’s help through those whom He has appointed for the liberation of our souls from the world of matter.


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