No Attachments

A person can begin walking in purity and in truth by awakening and having no attachments to this world. Attachments to the things of the world are like chains that will bind you to an eternity of darkness.” — Teaching of Mir Izgadda 5:1-2

Our Lord Mir Izgadda teaches us that we can only walk in purity and truth if we awaken and by leaving attachments to this world behind.

He explains that attachments are like chains that bind us to the darkness. Some might ask, What are attachments? These can be anything from unhealthy obsessions with one’s physical appearance, to desires for people and objects that one should not be concerned with. Attachments can also be connected with our desire to consume foods above and beyond our personal budgets, or the means of one’s family.

Attachments lead one to suffering in many different levels. This is a fundamental teaching of the Religion of Light that should be kept in mind by all adherents of the Faith.

Remember, brethren, that we can not walk in purity with our Lord if we are chained by our attachments.


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