May Your Word Never Leave My Mouth

1 O Lord, may your Word never leave my mouth.

2 May I speak your Word with reverence and love.

3 May I speak your Word with obedience and fear.

4 May I speak your Word to others, with care, being
guided by the Great Mother.

5 My beloved Lord, Living Spirit, my reason for being!

6 How could I not think of you day and night?

7 How could I look upon a single creation and not see
your hand at work?

8 Living Spirit, guide me to observe your
Commandments diligently.

9 Through Mir Izgadda, guide me to observe the
Commandments with your heart and spirit.

10 May I observe the Divine Commandments in the
manner you proscribe, oh my beloved Lord!

11 O Ilaha, grant that I may immerse my soul in Presence
of the Word!

12 May I subsist in Your Presence forever. Amin.

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