Like a Foreigner

“All things of this earthly life are fleeting, they vanish from our sight like fallen rain before the midday sun. Renounce the possessions of the world and embrace the peace of poverty!” — Gospel of Mar Mani 51:6, 7

Religion of Light adherents will always feel like a foreigner in every nation or state on this Earth until they live in Kingdom. Mar Mani reminds us that nothing in the material world is permanent because they “vanish… like fallen rain.” Our home is not on earth, but rather in the Kingdom within the very presence of God.

We order our steps according to God’s promises and all the truths related to us in the Holy Book concerning our past, present and future conditions. We do not put our focus on material gain, but rather, on liberation of the soul from darkness and deliverance by way of the Holy Ark of Yisho.


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