Learning the Truth Through Our Teacher

“You are the supreme Self, you are the First and Last, the immortal Wind of Life, for you are the proclaimer of Truth in the Beginning, the Middle, and the End. Fortunate for us that through you we learnt and accepted your teaching!” — Gospel of Mar Mani 37:3

These titles are often appointed to Yisho, but because Mar Mani is a manifestation of the Third Messenger, just as Yisho was – both are viewed as one and the same. In reference to Mar Mani. As shown in other passages, the title “Spirit of Holiness” is often applied to Maran Yisho but it does not indicate he is the same Being as the “Holy Spirit.” This title properly applies to Mar Mani as well.

Mar Mani is the proclaimer of Truth during all periods of time, all eras during the enslavement of Light within the body. How fortunate and blessed we are that through the Teacher we have come to learn the Truth and have accepted it.

(From a marginal notes in the Holy Book of Light)

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