Kindness – An Obligation of the Believer

“Kindness is an outward expression of an awakened mind. Kindness should always be viewed as an obligation. Like a mirror that reflects the sun upon the wall, reflect on everyone the kindness others show you. Share loving kindness with others as freely as the snows fall upon the highest mountain tops.” — Teaching of Mir Izgadda 50:7-10

An awakened mind is one that has knowledge of the Pure Teaching and faith in the Divine Messenger. Our Divine Teacher instructs us that as believers, we should view the practice of kindness as an obligation. What righteous person would refuse to practice kindness to others? The thought of refusing kindness toward others should be foreign to the believer.

As we are told by the Divine Teacher, our kind acts toward others should flow naturally, “as the snows fall upon the highest mountain tops.” In other words, our acts of kindness and generosity toward other living beings, should be natural and without let up. Even those who treat us badly, who persecute us, or those who speak badly of us, we should express kindness by keeping such persons in our prayers.


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