Keeping Ourselves Far From Evil

In these three things is Perfection found: In the Commandments and the Wisdom and the Love, for all the people of God attain perfection through these. For this reason let us pray and implore God who has chosen us that He may make us perfect in His Way. Keep yourselves far from magical arts and sorceries of the darkness, for he who shall learn them and practise them and realise them, finally where the master of those of the darkness shall be bound with his powers, they shall bind in that place the soul of him who practises them and walks in such arts of the error.” — Gospel of Mar Mani 54:1-3

The Holy Prophet Mar Mani tells us that there are three things that lead to Perfection:

1) The Commandments, 2) The Wisdom, and 3) The Love

He says, “for all the people of God attain perfection through these.” Mar Mani encourages us to “pray and implore God” who brought us out of the darkness to the Divine Light so “that He may make us perfect in His Way.”

Mar Mani warns that we should keep ourselves “far from the magical arts and sorceries of the Darkness.” He says, with clear words, that anyone involving themselves with such practices will be bound up with the forces of darkness when they are forever bound.

Mar Mani’s warning is very strong. How far are we to take such a divine instruction? Is the use of a magical incantation book alone what is being referred to? Most people wouldn’t have a problem with giving up the use something like that. What about television programs or films we might watch? Is our involvement with such things equal to being involved with “magical arts and sorceries of the Darkness”? Does the television show or film promote the use of evil magical practices? This is something that each one must decide on his own. But whatever decision we make, could mean life in eternity or death forever.


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