Joy Over the Beloved

Ode 6
1 As is the course of anger over wickedness, so is the course of joy over
the Beloved; and brings in of its fruits unhindered.

2 My joy is the Lord and my course is towards Him, this path of mine is

3 For there is a Helper for me, the Lord. He has generously shown Himself
to me in His simplicity, because His kindness has diminished His

4 He became like me, that I might receive Him. In form He was considered
like me, that I might put Him on.

5 And I trembled not when I saw Him, because He was gracious to me.

6 Like my nature He became, that I might understand Him. And like my form,
that I might not turn away from Him.

7 The Father of knowledge is the Word of knowledge.

8 He who created wisdom is wiser than His works.

9 And He who created me when yet I was not knew what I would do when I
came into being.

10 On account of this He was gracious to me in His abundant grace, and
allowed me to ask from Him and to benefit from His sacrifice.

11 For He it is who is in-corrupt, the perfection of the worlds and their

12 He has allowed Him to appear to them that are His own; in order that
they may recognise Him that made them, and not suppose that they came of

13 For towards knowledge He has set His way, he has widened it and
lengthened it and brought it to complete perfection.

14 And has set over it the traces of His light, and it proceeded from the
beginning until the end.

15 For by Him He was served, and He was pleased by the Son.

16 And because of his salvation He will possess everything.

17 And the Most High will be known by His holy ones:

18 To announce to those who have songs of the coming of the Lord, that
they may go forth to meet Him and may sing to Him, with joy and with the
harp of many tones.

19 The Seers shall go before Him, and they shall be seen before Him.

20 And they shall praise the Lord in His love, because He is near and does

21 And hatred shall be removed from the earth, and with jealousy it shall
be drowned.

22 For ignorance was destroyed upon it, because the knowledge of the Lord
arrived upon it.

23 Let the singers sing the grace of the Lord Most High, and let them
bring their songs.

24 And let their heart be like the day, and their gentle voices like the
majestic beauty of the Lord.

25 And let there not be anyone who breathes that is without knowledge or

26 For He gave a mouth to His creation: to open the voice of the mouth
towards Him, and to praise Him.

27 Confess His power and declare His grace. Halleluyah.

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