Ilaha Has Told Us

1 You have told us and You have caused it to be written
down in Your Holy Book.

2 We shall not be afraid and we shall not panic because
You have promised that we will reach the place;

3 we shall have unyielding courage because You, O Il’Ya,
build the road before us and You have promised to be
with us.

4 The Word shall not depart from our mouth as we shall
always think on it day and night, so that we may
diligently observe Your Commandments contained in
Your Holy Book;

5 all that we shall know and all that we shall observe is
in Your Blessed Book.

6 We shall think on Your Word day and night.

7 For Ya knows those who walk upon the righteous path,
but all those who walk upon the evil path will perish.
8 Ya is our God. We shall rely upon Him.

9 We shall follow the divine instructions from Ya and
give thanks unto Him;

10 we praise Ya the Most High by calling upon His
Name. Amin.

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