If You Are Serious About the Way of Light

Keep yourselves far from magical arts and sorceries of the darkness, for he who shall learn them and practise them and realise them, finally where the master of those of the darkness shall be bound with his powers, they shall bind in that place the soul of him who practises them and walks in such arts of the error.” — Gospel of Mar Mani 54:3

If you are one who claims to be an adherent of the Religion of Light, yet you are directly involved with dark practices such as magic, now is the time to stop and repent before God, asking for forgiveness. If you are having trouble distancing yourself from these practices or if you believe you are addicted to them, then it is suggested that you review your day to day activities and think about with whom you may be associating.

Are your friends involved in some manner with dark magic or other such practices? What about the music you listen to? What about certain websites you visit or online groups in which you participate? Do you have certain artwork and objects dedicated to dark practices or books containing dark spells and incantations?

If you are serious about walking in the Way of the Light, then you should remove those things from your home at once and distance yourself from others who continue to practice such things. It is truly a matter of life or death.


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