How Great is the Wisdom of the Divine Teacher

“He was very knowledgeable concerning many texts, including the Aramaic Scriptures, the Aurayta of the Hebrews, their Prophets, the Psalms of Egypt and Israel, the Odes, and the writings of the Apostles in Aramaic and Greek, having great fondness of the Gospels, especially Mattai and the writing of Yakub. He was fond, too, of the Apostle Paul and his writing concerning love and charity. The Living Spirit made known unto Mani many other mysteries that would be revealed in the latter periods of the existence of humanity.” — Acts of Mar Mani 4:22, 23

It is impossible for us to even begin imagining the vast amount of knowledge that the Father of Greatness through the Living Spirit has given to the Prophet Apostle Mar Mani. Our Holy Book tells us that not only was Mar Mani knowledgeable in many different texts, but that he also had a fondness of them as well.

The blessed Apostle’s gaining of knowledge was not like that of other men who often attend a prestigious educational institute simply for the sake of gaining the honour of letters. In fact, the Scriptures clearly inform us that the “Prophet Mani never had a human teacher beyond what he was taught from his father up until the age of twelve… He was taught by the Twin concerning the purified, original divine teachings in various religious expressions.” (Acts of Mar Mani 4:18, 20)

While we can not expect to gain the same type of knowledge given to our Teacher, we are instructed concerning the need to not permit material possessions to own us, to refrain from idolatry, to adhere to the principles of our faith, and to permit the Divine Teacher to provide us with the spiritual food of which we are in need. (See Codex of Abraham 1:2; Teaching of Mir Izgadda 4:2; 15:3; Teaching of Smenkhkare 2:12; Gospel of Mar Mani 37:3)

How great is the wisdom of the Divine Teacher. May we always be thankful for this vast treasure of knowledge which Mar Mani Khaila holds and distributes to us through his writings and through spiritual means.


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