God’s Unfathomable Mercy

“Il’Ya [God], do not rebuke me in Your anger, neither discipline me in Your wrath. Have mercy on me, Il’Ya, for I am faint. Il’Ya, heal me, for my bones are troubled.” — Psalms of Israel 6:1,2

Mar Mani Khaila once said, “The mercy of God is unfathomable. Truly, it is a mystery that He would permit humanity to persist in their rebellion against Him; but He is not like human rulers who would quickly destroy their subjects even for the slightest infraction of the law of the land. No, the Father of Greatness is nothing like humanity, but, through His appointed servants, He is quick to forgive those who, through human error, trespass against His laws.”

How easy it is for us to make mistakes in our lives and to bring guilt upon ourselves because we failed to abide by God’s righteous requirements. How easy it is for many to fall into sin by committing unrighteous acts because of giving in to peer pressure.

Although we may sin and become guilty of breaking the divine Precepts or the Commandments, we are not left without assistance from God Himself. He has provided us a way to communicate with Him through those whom He has appointed. (Teaching of Mir Izgadda 1:10) We communicate with God through prayer, and in our prayer we petition Him to grant us mercy. When we show genuine repentance for an unrighteous act, and work towards not committing that act again, God forgives us. That is what God’s mercy is about. And as Mar Mani said, God’s mercy is unfathomable. (See Teaching of Mir Izgadda 44:3; 79:3; Teaching of Mar Mani Khaila 23:1-4)


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