God’s Light House

“Never give up hope, even in the face of opposition. The Light of the Father shines even in the darkest of nights so that all those seeking Him in honesty may find Him. One can better cope with the challenges of life and the chaos of the world by faithfully walking in the Light of the Great Father – for His Word, which is the Word of Truth which I have brought unto you, is like a light house brightly shining upon the deep ocean signalling you to your true home.” — Teaching of Mir Izgadda 3:5-7

How many times have you become discouraged because of a family member or friend refused to even hear what you have to share about your faith? Have you been opposed by someone in anger because of their unfounded feelings toward the Religion of Light? Many of us become discouraged for one reason or another. Some experience various trials at home, at school or at their place of employment. There are others that undergo unspeakable forms of persecutions in different countries because of their faith.

Our Teacher instructs us that even though we are facing opposition, we should “never give up hope.” Each of us have different situations that we must deal with on a day to day basis, and for each one the challenge is not always the same. “No two people have the exact same issues to deal with in exactly the same measure.” (vs 10) The Divine Messenger says that in order to cope with such challenges in life, we should walk by faith “in the Light of the Great Father.” Our Teacher referred to that light as God’s Word — “the Word of Truth” which the Teacher brought to us. He further describes it as being “like a light house shining upon the deep ocean.”

May each of us be guided by God’s light house — His Word, which consists of the Scripture, the Tradition and the Revelation of the Religion of Light. Without it we would be crawling in the darkness.


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