God Sustains Us

I laid myself down and slept. I awakened; for Il’Ya sustains me.” — Psalms of Israel 3:5

In the previous verses of this same chapter, we can certainly sense the anguish in the Psalmists plea to the Father of Greatness. He says “Il’Ya, how my adversaries have increased! Many are those who rise up against me. Many there are who say of my soul, ‘There is no help for him in Ilaha.’” (PsI 1:1,2)

While the wicked may attempt to discourage us in our service to the All-Supreme Father, we know that it is God alone who sustains us in our faithfulness.

It is the Father of Greatness that encourages us in our daily walk and who provides us with a very special type of peace that causes our soul to rest in His word.


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