Give Us Your Precious Word

1 Ilaha, you have told us!

2 Ilaha you give us Your precious Word sealed within
the Holy Book!

3 Lord, I am never afraid, within my breast beats the
heart of a lion as long as I exist Your Presence, Ilaha!

4 I will never fear.

5 I will never show trepidation.

6 I will never blink an eye or ever doubt my beloved

7 I know with complete confidence that the place you
make for the Brethren of Light is glorious – a place
beyond compare!

8 I know the Great Mother leads us to this wondrous
place that the Lord prepares.

9 I have the courage of the angelic beings that serve You
day and night.

10 I long with every breath to enter the place Ya prepares
for His righteous people!

11 I travel this road to that place the Lord prepares, when
all others are with me.

12 I travel this road to that place that the Lord prepares,
even if no one is with me.

13 For I travel with Yisho. What is there to fear?

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