Four Qualities of the Garden of Truth – Part 1

1 Those who know me, know that I teach the qualities of tolerance,
equality, balance and patience.

2 If you are my disciple, a child of Light, you know the importance of
practising and exhibiting these four qualities of tolerance, equality,
balance and patience. In these four qualities is found two of the most
important qualities of all, which are love and peace.

3 You can not love the Father of Greatness if you do not have love for
your fellow man.

4 You can not love me if these four qualities are not found within you.

5 The opposite of these four qualities can lead one to become guilty of
bigotry, hatred, and cause one to have mental illness and pride.

6 All that which is in opposition to tolerance, equality, balance and
patience only serve as obstacles upon the path to perfection in the
Light. –TMI Chapter 32

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