Do Not Waste Time on Earthly Interests

“Always think of the goodness that comes from the lessons you learn throughout your life — from your youth to your aged years. Always appreciate the fact that you can gain wisdom through discipline — do not squander the time you have on earth.” — Teaching of Mir Izgadda 4:7

Are you being inundated with worldly activities such as entertainment, shopping, unnecessary travel or other activities that distract you from more important, spiritual goals? For some, it is easy to get caught up in such activities, and before you realise it, your day or entire week has been wasted and perhaps you missed your regular study or reading of the Scriptures or even the daily prayers.

The Scriptures of the Religion of Light provide us with life-saving lessons and within those lessons are contained the necessary, Godly discipline that we are in need of. Brethren, we are in need of discipline on a daily basis. The Divine Messenger says that we should “appreciate the fact that you can gain wisdom through discipline”; and in the same sentence he says that we should not waste the time we have on earth. Indeed, our time on this earth is short lived.

Ask yourself: Have I learned anything from the Scriptures in recent years? Have I taken in divine wisdom for the benefit of my soul and eventually the benefit of others? Have I been helping others obtain divine wisdom? Have I wasted my time on worldly pursuits and material gain?

Does this mean that we are not permitted to engage in various forms of entertainment, or to purchase material items that bring us a certain level of enjoyment? Not at all! Brothers and sisters need to practice balance in whatever their activities are, and make sure their focus is on the more important things in their devotional life. Brethren should think about how much time is spent on worldly activities, compared with their daily spiritual practices. Those who have taken their refuge in the Divine Teacher, his Teaching and in the blessed Community “do not focus their attention on gross material gain, but rather the spiritual treasures that are afforded to those who do the will of the Father who comes with His Light in the morning Horizon.” (Teaching of Smenkhkare 5:3)

Instead of wasting our precious time on earthly interests, let us put forth extra effort toward spiritual pursuits. Let us take note now as to what our spiritual practices are and how much we are developing within the Religion of Light, before we literally run out of time. (Teaching of Mir Izgadda 25:4; 79:3, 4)


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