Divine Guidance

Those who are being called by the Mother shall receive the revelations and the teaching.” — Prophecy of the Sun 2:10

As adherents of the Religion of Light, one of our goals is to eventually become perfected in the Light. To accomplish this we must make sure that we are taking in accurate knowledge of the Father of Greatness, the Twelve Virtues as provided to our Prophet and Lord Mar Mani, as well as practicing loving kindness toward all living beings.

The Holy Book instructs us in other requirements, whether one is of the assembly of Hearers, or of the general assembly of the Elect.

To understand the requirements for eternal life as outlined in the Holy Book, we are given guidance through the Divine Mother. The Father of Greatness provides the Divine Mother to us so as to teach us and guide in the gradual process of perfection, both while on earth and in the initial stages of one’s existence in the after-life.

Let us raise our voices in praise and thanksgiving for the divine guidance and loving provisions of the Father of Greatness.


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