Correcting our Thoughts in Humility

“To the Three Holy Pillars from the Temple of Peace will I look in faith… Always keep before you the Three Pillars of the Holy Faith: Scripture, Tradition and Revelation.” — Teaching of the Bright Light of the Truth 9:8; Gospel of Mar Mani 54:9

The Three Pillars of our faith provide the answers we need concerning various issues we may encounter throughout our lives. In fact, the Three Pillars is a foundation for the Temple of the Religion of Light and they help us to live our lives according to righteous principles. These topics would of course include questions on a religious nature such as how we communicate with God, certain principles on how to live a righteous and virtuous lifestyle, and so on. Other topics may include politics, health, science, marriage, race relations, sexuality, and so on. All Three Pillars have answers or comments on these topics if we are willing to search for them with an honest heart. (Read: Teaching of Mir Izgadda 37:8; Acts of Mar Mani 19:29)

When searching for answers to our questions within our faith, we must approach the blessed Pillars with spiritually clean hands. (Teaching of the Bright Light of the Truth 1:26) In other words, we can not selectively choose that which we wish to abide by and discard those passages or instructions and revelations which we find troublesome or convicting of our sins. Otherwise we are only fooling ourselves, and we are actually harming the Cross of Light.

We can not permit our personal opinions to be elevated above what we are told in the Scriptures, our Traditions or in the Revelations of the Religion of Light. If we do, then we have taken a seat of authority that has never been granted to us. (1st Prophecy of the Trees 3:15)

Let us resolve it in our hearts now to always correct our thinking with the wisdom of the teachings of our Divine Messengers, without stirring up our emotions when disciplined or leaning on any falsely founded opinions. Let the Divine Mother guide you in all that you do. Study the Scriptures diligently. (Teaching of Mir Izgadda 37:7) May each of us remain humble and permit our thoughts to be corrected where necessary.


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