By His Grace

“Be enriched in God the Father; and receive the purpose of the Most High. Be strong and redeemed by His grace.” (Odes of Solomon 8:5)

It is through the grace of God that we receive redemption from the stain of our sinful acts. Once Mar Mani Khaila said, “If it was not for the true grace that covers those who believe in the anointed one of the Father of Greatness, there would be no life. There would be no hope for the very existence of humanity it was not for this special grace.”

We read in the Teaching of Mar Mani Khaila, “Through the Crucifixion, humanity is able to return to God in a clean state.” (TMM 23:3)

Mar Mani Khaila encourages adherents of the Religion of Light to “always be thankful to the Great Father, give Him praise for the loving-kindness that He has provided through the Great Sacrifice on the Cross. Give thanks to Yisho Mashikha for giving himself as the perfect Lamb of God.”

(Quotes of Mar Mani Khaila from the Morning Offering Service, 3 December 2015)


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