By Day and By Night

Death is the sure appointment of humankind; the house of death is the destiny of the human body. None can escape it.” — Gospel of Mar Mani 51:1

Death is inevitable for all living beings on the Earth. This is why, as adherents of the Religion of Light, we know that our true joy is in heaven — our future home. Thus, our careers and the way we live our lives each day in the present world should always be a testimony of the hope that is within us.

But from where does our hope derive? What gives us exceeding joy each day that we live in this chaotic world? What is the reason we give praise to God the Father of Greatness and honour to Mar Mani the Teacher of Light every day?

The very source of our hope is God Himself, through the Living Spirit and the Divine Teacher. The Scriptures describe that the Great Father is “the One True God and Divine Source” — the very same God that the Apostle Prophet Mar Mani taught others to worship. (Read Acts of Mar Mani 3:4, 5)

The Great Father instills within us, through His appointed Son, great joy and hope. “And in that place I saw the fountain of righteousness which was inexhaustible. And around it were many fountains of wisdom; and all the thirsty drank of them, and were filled with wisdom, and their dwellings were with the righteous and holy and elect. And at that hour the Son of Man was named in the presence of the Father of Greatness, and his name before the Head of Days. Even before the sun and the signs were created, before the stars of the heavens were made, his name was given in the presence of the Father of Greatness. He shall be a staff to the righteous so they may have a firm footing and not fall, and he shall be the light of the nations, and the hope of those who are troubled of heart.” (1 Enoch 18:1-4)

The very joy within us gives us more than enough reason to give forth praise to the Father of Greatness and to honour the Teacher of Light. “All who dwell on earth shall fall down and worship before him, and will praise and bless and celebrate with song the Father of Greatness. And for this reason has he been chosen and hidden before Him, before the creation of the world and for evermore.” (1 Enoch 18:5, 6)

We also read in the Holy Book of Light where Mir Izgadda said, “my servant Mani Khaila and his sons, through the grace of the Father of Greatness and the will of the Living Spirit, shall offer true peace and shall be a comforter to the sons of men and teach them in the Way of the Lord throughout the earth;” and those present “raised their hands to the heavens and gave praise to the Father of Greatness and with tears in their eyes, they began singing psalms to Mar Mani Khaila.” (2 Prophecy of the Trees 11:5, 6)

As adherents of the venerable Religion of Light, we are well aware of the destiny of the human body; thus our main focus is on the liberation of the soul from earthly shackles. Our focus is on the Source of our hope and the Teacher of the Light appointed by the Third Messenger as the King of the Religion of Light.

Dear brothers and sisters, your sojourning on the earth is only for a moment. If you continue to strive after righteousness and not fail in the race, you shall inherit eternal life in the Kingdom of Light. That, my dear friends, is the hope within us. Live your life according to that same hope and be a light to others.

Additional passages from the Holy Book
“By day and by night we praise Mar Mani, the King of the Religion of Light. Praise to Mar Mani Khaila, victory to his Bema of Light. By day and by night we praise the Name of the Father of Greatness. Praise Ya in the highest, victory to His Name!” (2 Tr 11:11, 12)

“And all those who share these Teachings of Light in their tongues and by printed page, they too shall be blessed and given a special place at my table in the greater horizon above the earth.” (2 Tr 12:14)

“And I will bring salvation to all those calling upon the True Father above heaven, those who call upon my name, and those who call upon the name of Mani Khaila.” (2 Tr 12:18)

“The Tarendrans bowed before Mani Khaila and blessed his name; and Mar Mani bowed before the heavens and said, ‘According to Your will, Father of Greatness, according to Your words and all that You instruct through Your Son the Living Spirit, I shall do. Praise be to Yisho the Light of the World.’” (2 Tr 12:22)

“The true Hearers and the anointed Elect are never ashamed to refer to themselves as disciples of Mani Khaila. To ignore the teaching and authority of the Prophet Mar Mani is to ignore the teaching of Mir Izgadda and to deny the presence of the Living Spirit. The Third Messenger has appointed his servant Mar Mani Khaila as the King of the Religion of Light. (Ninth Epistle of Mir Garendra 2:1-3)


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