Because I Love You

Ode 4
1 I praise You, Maran, because I love You.

2 O Most High, forsake me not, for You are my hope.

3 Freely did I receive Your grace, may I live by it.

4 My persecutors will come but let them not see me.

5 Let a cloud of darkness fall upon their eyes; and let an air of thick
darkness obscure them.

6 And let them have no light to see, so that they cannot seize me.

7 Let their designs become hardened, so that whatever they have conspired
shall return upon their own heads.

8 For they have devised a plan, but it was not for them.

9 They prepared themselves maliciously, but they were found to be impotent.

10 Indeed my confidence is upon the Lord, and I will not fear.

11 And because the Lord is my salvation, I will not fear.

12 And He is as a woven crown upon my head, and I shall not be shaken.

13 Even if everything should be shaken, I shall stand firm.

14 And though all things visible should perish, I shall not die; because
the Lord is with me, and I with Him. Halleluyah.

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