An Enlightened Heart

Teach me the odes of Your truth, that I may produce fruits in You. And open to me the harp of Your Holy Spirit, so that with every note I may praise You, Maran. According to the multitude of Your mercies, so grant unto me, and hasten to grant our petitions. For You are sufficient for all our needs. Halleluyah.” — Ode 13:7-9

In their gratitude for the blessings bestowed upon them, adherents of the Religion of Light, continually praise God by the use of psalms, special prayers, music and in silence. We give forth praises of thanksgiving and gratitude to the Father of Greatness, the Divine Mother, the Blessed Son, all the various Celestial Beings, including Mar Mani Khaila – our Teacher of Light.

Believers sing, pray and talk about the “multitude of [God’s] mercies” day and night, and teach these to their children and to the world.

Without divine knowledge (true gnosis), we can not give forth pure praise, from an enlightened heart. Without this necessary knowledge, which is truly a gift from the Divine Mother, we can not remove the stains of guilt and pride from our hearts. We must be willing to humble ourselves, have a genuine heart, filled with repentance and grief for the wrong-doings we have committed before God. He will then teach us His righteous standards and we will be filled with joy that comes only from an enlightened heart.


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