Abandoning Attachments

Abandon all attachments.” — Teaching of Mir Izgadda 5:8

Throughout the history of the Religion of Light, there have been many common themes within our Faith. One of those is the admonishment to “abandon all attachments.” The various Divine Messengers have made this teaching a priority in their earthly ministry. It has been taught by Buddhas, angels, and other celestial beings alike.

The prospects of being free from attachments can not be overstated. There are so many blessing awaiting those of us who are able to leave unhealthy worldly interests aside, walking away from such things in our lives and fully dedicating ourselves to the service of the Lord.

Pray for yourself and for others. Keep the brethren in your prayers daily so that all those whom you know can continue working on removing attachments, so that one day, the Ship Master welcome you and your brothers and sisters upon the Barque of Salvation.


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