A True Philosopher

“True deliverance is reached by removing from the crowd and leading a pure life, depending entirely on those provisions made by Ilaha. Putting away all lust and clearly recognizing the falsehood of speculation in vain philosophy, you can find righteousness. This is true deliverance, but those only who will have deep faith will learn.” — Teaching of the Bright Light 5:2, 3

You can pay attention to the words of human philosophers, or you can listen and apply the words of Sophia herself. His Divine Presence Mir Izgadda is Sophia — the Divinity of Wisdom.

“Sometimes the most simple of truths can be right in front of someone, yet they do not see it because their eyes are blinded from vain philosophies and untruths that they are not willing to abandon.” — Teaching of Mir Izgadda 29:4

If you are a true philosopher, you would listen only to the words of Sophia and have no time for the vain speculations of fallen human beings.


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