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We Give Because We Want To

“He is like an able warrior – a champion strong and wise in action. Loving and compassionate he gives with reverence and banishes all hatred, envy, anger and selfish desires. The charitable man has found the path of salvation. He … Continue reading

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A True Philosopher

“True deliverance is reached by removing from the crowd and leading a pure life, depending entirely on those provisions made by Ilaha. Putting away all lust and clearly recognizing the falsehood of speculation in vain philosophy, you can find righteousness. … Continue reading

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Like a Foreigner

“All things of this earthly life are fleeting, they vanish from our sight like fallen rain before the midday sun. Renounce the possessions of the world and embrace the peace of poverty!” — Gospel of Mar Mani 51:6, 7

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The Privilege to Praise

“Praise Yah! Praise Yahweh’s name! Praise him, you servants of Yahweh, you who stand in Yahweh’s house, in the courts of our God’s house. Praise Yah, for Yahweh is good. Sing praises to his name, for that is pleasant. For … Continue reading

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God and Matter

“There are two Sources – God and Matter, Light and darkness, Good and evil – in all ways completely opposite, for they share nothing with each other, God being good and having nothing in common with evil. In the ancient … Continue reading

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